Wealthy Affiliate Review – 97 of 100

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Finally a No Brainer!

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate or WA
Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price Points: Starter Member $0 (Join Now)
Price Points: Premium Membership
$19/First Month then $49/Monthly OR $359/Year (Join Now)
Rankings: 97 of 100
User Friendly: For Newbie and Pro. Free 24/7 Training & Coaching.


Intro to Wealthy Affiliates:

Let me explain a little bit about Wealthy Affiliates and why I claim it’s a “NO BRAINER”. Before I get ahead of myself let me tell you who we are. We are a community of individuals looking to do the same thing, make money on the internet.

How many of you have been burned? I know I have! Well that’s the cool thing about WA we have a soul which is like nothing I’ve ever come across on the internet. It is the most interactive website I’ve ever seen. A majority of those opportunities you got in on looked great and you probably could of made a little money if you knew how to promote your product online, but there was no one to help guide you so basically they were setting you up to fail.

Well my friend, if you are looking to succeed in making money online you’ve lucked out! The only way you would fail is to not turn on your computer and not log in to www.WealthyAffiliate.com. There is so many ways to make money online with WA and our interactive chat and coaching is available 24/7/365. If the internet stays open then so do we.

Wealthy Affiliates is an online business platform offering everything needed to grow your online business all in one place. Creeping up to a million members, we offer all-inclusive experience where you can get everything for your websites including state of the art hosting, training, interactive chat and support.

I can’t talk enough about the support I have gotten from the community. Even the owners Kyle and Carson find time to help you with your websites, campaigns or just helping you to get your business running right. Maybe I talk to much about the community of WA because I was lacking that with all the other dud opportunities and scams. WA just makes sense!


Wealthy Affiliates Target Market:

That’s another NO BRAINER reason. WA caters to everyone including the Newbie’s, Seasoned Pro’s or even the Expert’s. Use on any device you want as long as you can get an internet connection. I am currently typing this review on my phone. Trust me that means it’s user friendly because I am not to tech savvy!


Why People Love Wealthy Affiliates:

– Getting Started is beyond Simple
– Training out of the Kazoo (Both Video & Tutorial Training)
– Community of Individuals Pushing You to Succeed
– Interactive Classrooms – 13+
– 24/7/365 Live Interactive Help
– 2 Free Websites
– Fast & Secure State of the Art Hosting Platform
– Spam Free Community
Get Started For FREE (NO Gimmicks)

Listen, I understand people are leery when the see those keywords and phrases like Free, No Gimmicks, No Catches and so on. However, this is Free and there are No Gimmicks and I feel comfortable when I preach it. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t see the power of WA I welcome you to leave a review or comment whether it’s good or bad. I’ve got broad shoulders and with a wife and 2 kids I have to…right?


Wealthy Affiliate Training and Classrooms:

Comprehensive Training takes it to the next step within Wealthy Affiliates. There is an arsenal of just pure knowledge that you can take advantage of. There are even classrooms of training for all levels of expertise, including even the advanced marketer. Plus, you can attend Weekly Training, Interactive Discussions and so much more.

You know what, don’t take my word for it actions speak louder than words. Click on the image above and it will take you to a classroom overview.


What Will You Do at Wealthy Affiliates?

Good question, there are many ways to earn money with Wealthy Affiliates. In fact, there are hundreds of different ways but I will try to simplify things for you and tell you how it works.

Breakdown of the Process:


After joining, you are going to be prompted to select one of two options. Pick a passion, whether it’s baby clothes or video games, it doesn’t matter choose whatever you want. You can go any direction you want just pick something you feel passionate about. WA then provides you with training courses to show you how to turn that passion into a full time online business.

It’s ok if you don’t have a passion yet, because we can help you choose one.  Wealthy Affiliates provides a bootcamp with a product that you can start of with to help build a business. This training caters to everyone from the newbie to the expert and requires no experience even if you are a blank slate.This training is a complete walk through, starting at the bare bones and there is no experience necessary.

In essence, the knowledge you are going to learn will help you to create your very own online business. Once you have created your website you can promote advertisements, affiliate programs, pay per click and so many others. For more info, Join for Free and try it out. Remember there are No Gimmicks.


Wealthy Affiliates 2 Price Plans:

1) Starter Member: FREE (Join Now)
2) Premium Member:  $19/First Month then $49/Monthly OR $359/Year (Join Now)

Free, yeah right. Is that what your thinking? When you join as a Starter Member you get access to the WA community, 2 Free Websites, live chat, commenting, training, networking and so so much more. Plus, you get to meet us and interact with us before you spend any money whatsoever.

We take pride in ourselves that there is no other platform in the industry that can compete with Wealthy Affiliates. But offering this to you for Free is beyond comprehension. You gotta “Take a Peek” and see for yourself.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member.

Let me start by saying “WOW”! If you are even considering starting an online business you have to take a gander.

Just think about it, what does it take to create a sustain an online business? Pick a domain, buy a domain, pay for monthly hosting, purchase a website builder and SEO or Marketing. The cost for SEO can be thru the roof. It cost a lot to get your website out there and if you don’t have traffic you will FAIL! Basically, what I’m trying to say is it costs a lot.

I say SCREW IT! That’s just to much of a hassle.

Well, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership. How about getting all of that bundled in to one low monthly fee. Plus, you get so much support internally. Can you say you get that with GoDaddy. I say hell to the no! This Premium Membership is the Starter Membership on CRACK. It just opens up the flood gates to advancing your success online. Don’t get scammed again or ever have to waste money on a expensive course or seminar. Come look at WA and see the tight knit family or community we are offering. We are like Uncle Sam, “We Want You!!!!


Summarized Review of Wealthy Affiliates

After reading the above info I would hope you understand why it is a “NO BRAINER”! On my overall ranking I put 97 out of 100 due to the fact you can’t satisfy everyone and truth be told those 3 of 100 should not be in business anyway. Strong work ethic is the only way to succeed in business no work ethic it just becomes a hobby.



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