Take Surveys for Cash Review – 15 of 100

Take Surveys for Cash: Don’t Even Think About it!

Product Name: Take Surveys for Cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Creator: Jason White
Price Points: $39 or $27 or $12. One time Fee but Reduction in Price when you try to Leave Website.
Rankings: 10 of 100
Scam or Legit: Scam

Take Surveys for Cash is Simply a Scam

Take Surveys for Cash is like most other survey websites. Most of these websites promise bogus claims for what they offer. Sites like this truly give other survey sites a bad rap! Yes, I understand if you are trying to sell a product you must advertise it. However, Take Surveys for Cash embellishes their programs earning with inflated earnings. Jason White the creator of Take Surveys for Cash claims to of made $274,000 on doing these surveys when in essence he probably made that off of selling this product.

Here’s the “Proof” he preaches!

This is a problem for me. Is this really proof? I can make a copy of a check and put whatever in the hell I want. It’s no different than a dating site. People put up pictures of them from 10 years ago and when they go on the date the person looks absolutely nothing like the picture they posted. Plus, the surveys fluctuate in amount paid and I do not know of any surveys that have paid out $500, especially EVERY DAY! Now I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, but the only and I mean only way something like that could occur would be if you did a huge amount of surveys from the same company.

I don’t mind advertising that makes mediocre or realistic claims because money can be made on survey sites. Especially credible sites such as GoldOpinions. Every site is going to make some kind of monetary claim to keep people reading more about the product which is why you see those claims of earnings multiple times throughout the advertisement. It just shouldn’t be heavily inflated like Take Surveys for Cash.


As stated above their are inflated earnings. A key point that you need to understand that the average payouts are around $0.10 to $3 for timed surveys. These surveys average between 15 to 30 minutes. Not many are above $5 and those are extremely rare plus the require much more time. The heavy majority are under $1. Basically, if you are looking to make under $2 an hour then Take Surveys for Cash might suit you.

Scam or Legit?

I have this listed as a scam. Basically, the only reason why I am not giving Take Surveys for Cash a big fat zero is that if you worked your ass off you could probably make a little money and I mean a little. But killing yourself for such a little payout isn’t worth it.

The main reason why I classified this as a scam is the advertised earnings. It’s just not realistic! I just can’t get on board with a program advertising a fairy tale. If they would of said something realistic like you could make $500 or maybe $1,000 a month than yes I would not classify this as a scam. Plus, there website to me looks way outdated and unprofessional. That might not mean much to you but to me it shows less credibility.

The Ultimate Survey Site: GoldOpinions

There is money to be made in taking surveys. The obstacle you must get around is finding that survey site that is legit. It needs to have higher payouts and GoldOpinions is the answer because they have higher paying corporations such as Google, Ford, AT&T, Amazon, T-Mobile, Hilton, IBM and many others. You can also use your PC, tablet, phone or laptop just to make things easy. All-in-all this is by far the best survey program on the internet. Get Started Now!