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Report a Scam Today!

I don’t think there’s a soul out there that has not been scammed in anyway. One of the reasons I know this is that a good scam is one that you don’t know it is even a scam. Make sense? These scams come in many shapes and sizes. It only takes one person to question the validity of a program or product . When their is reasonable doubt they go online a search that program or product and put the word scam behind it. Hopefully, when they search it populates with some reviews of it being a scam. Of course you aren’t hoping that it is a scam, but it’s better to find out the truth so you can cut your losses.

Your Online Scam Detector…Help!

That’s what this sites about. It is your very own online scam detector. I have created this site to help the consumer avoid scams. However, I can’t report them all. That’s where I need you. If you know of any program or product that is shady, dishonest or misleading please don’t hesitate to give me the name and as much information you have on the scam. I will take your information and do added research to help people avoid that scam. Below is a form I would like you to fill out with info on scam. If you would rather email me directly send to

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