Is the “Can You Hear Me” Scam Real?

Great Question

To my knowledge…hell to the no! In 2016 the news outlets made a scary claim. This claim was that you would get a call and the individual or robot would ask, “Can You Hear Me?” When they asked this and you were to reply “Yes” then you were at a risk of being scammed and they could in theory use this to steal money from you.

Well, I would feel VERY confident this is a false truth. I’m kinda surprised the news outlets wouldn’t use a little common sense. For my day job I work in the financial industry or merchant services. There are millions of credit card transactions run everyday and fraud is inevitable. So banks and credit card companies have made it to where their protocols are tight.

So think about it, what do you have to do to run a phoned in transaction? You have to get the full name, address, credit card number and cvv number on the back. Well come on news people, how the hell does answering “Yes” to something going to cost you anything? Now maybe if you are agreeing to something yes, but not dealing with anything monetary. Even if you said “Yes, you can take money out of my account” how are they going to do that? Banks don’t ask that, plus they now have pin numbers and different types of safety parameters.

It just isn’t possible in these modern days, to much fraud means even tighter protocols. If that was possible, and it did happen I would definitely have more money in my account than the stole because I would sew the shit out of that financial institution!




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