Is AdvoCare a Scam?

It’s another MLM scheme just like Amway. They have real products, but they rarely sell mainly because of the price. Like any MLM the money comes from getting people to join up. Then you make money on member fees and products they sell. It’s basically a scam because you end up paying more into it than you get out of it. Their products just don’t sell enough to make it sustainable. But, since it has a product it just squeezes by as legal, even though operates like pyramid schemes.

My main issue with AdvoCare is that I am a die hard Saints fan and it pains me to see Drew Brees endorse it. Plus, they have been lying in regards to their products, and their products suck.

Product Name: AdvoCare
Rankings: 50 of 100
Reason: Although AdvoCare is not legally a scam, to many have been burned and lost money.



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