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Getting Started Online Today!

Have you had enough trying to find that real opportunity online?

If you answered YES, you will want to read this…NOW! I am going to try my hardest to help you out and show you how you can get started online in the next couple minutes.

Are like the many others out there struggling to achieve online success? Have you hit the proverbial brick wall? Don’t worry, this happens to most people out there attempting to start an online business. Like anything new there always a learning curve. So with a little help from me I can give you some guidance on achieving success with your new online business. I just want to make it clear now that if anybody is gonna succeed in any business they must work it hard. If you can’t commit just stop reading any further because you are wasting your time!

“Let me help put you on the right path to Get Started Online Today!”

My gosh, there are so many damn scams out there. That’s why I like to be able to take things for a test drive before I buy it. You will see on my site that I try to focus primarily on those “try before you buy” products and services. This way you pay nothing when you find out that the product or service is a piece of junk and there is so much junk out there.

Perfect example, I’m a die hard golfer and there are so many products on the market today. The big selling factors you see on tv ads is that they hit straighter and longer. These clubs are so damn expensive! I can buy a golf set online a little cheaper but if I try them out and don’t like them I’m screwed! So, instead I go to a golf shop and they normally will let me test the clubs out. When I swing a couple times and I like the clubs I will then purchase the set of clubs. That way I don’t spend $2,000 on a set of clubs I can’t hit worth a shit and end up slinging them across the course! You get the drift.

Well, that’s my reason in promoting the “try before you buy” product and systems at Now I would like to talk again about getting started in the online world. However, I first want to ask you a question…

What is the Single Most Important Thing that is Throwing a Kink in Your Online Success?

I think that is a very important question. Cough it up, what’s keeping you back from achieving online success? Are you scared you won’t succeed or maybe scared to try new things? It’s gotta be something. Please “leave a comment” below on why you believe you have not yet succeeded. This can be worth it’s weight in gold to help me pass on some knowledge to those people reading my site.

Maybe you have not succeeded yet is because you have been burned by one to many scams. I feel ya, me too and that was a big problem I had as well. You just have to rise to the occasion and put it out of your mind. Easier said than done…right. Well I did, and I used it as fuel to help motivate me to succeed. Sounds cheesy, but helping people like yourself gives me peace of mind.

That’s enough sobbing! It’s time NOW to start on your path to success online and it all begins by narrowing it down to 3 main things.

Building a Successful Business Online Only Requires 3 Things…

I have been told I am very analytical. Now I don’t know if that’s considered a positive thing or not, but in some case I think it’s a good thing. I have learned a lot about people and I have noticed that all people achieve online success a little different. However, even though the methods are different there are always 3 common factors that all of these people use to attain their online success.

One – These Guys Always Have Help

There’s nothing worse than being stuck. It is frustrating and can be a huge pain in the ass not knowing how to get good solid answers to those questions you have.

So where is it that you can get good solid quality help?

Two – All of Them Have Their Own Websites & Branding

Well of course they have websites, if you don’t have a website you can’t survive in business today especially if it’s an online business…duh. Now a days branding is the big thing. I have known many of people who create their brand around a website or domain name. First, they pick an industry, then they think of a catchy domain name and lastly form the company name. You would think they would form the company name first…right? Well if the name is formed but the same domain is taken then when someone looks up your name they find someone else’s company which is probably a competitor and they could lose money because of it.

Basically what I’m saying is that if your are starting your own online business it is the perfect time to brand your website. You don’t have to, but it is very convenient. Below I will tell you how I created this site by using the same steps to help me.

  1. Pick an Industry. (Something you know about and enjoy)
    – Scams
  2. Play around with unique, cute and even funny domain names related to that industry. (Make sure you have your industry type in domain name because it helps with keywords down the road)
  3. Not important now but another thing is a catchy tagline.
    – “Your Online Scam Detector”
  4. Then form your Name.
    – Weird…right? Well, it seems like it’s the best process for brand recognition for your online business and will help guide you in the right direction.

I know this works and building a website is easy. I have got great news, you can get your own website in 5 minutes and it is completely FREE. Yip, that’s right absolutely Nothing, Zero or Zilch!

Three – They Learn & Practice

In any industry you must keep learning and stay up with the marketplace. I was raised in the printing industry. Way back when we printed just black ink on white paper. Well you always have competitors coming in and doing things differently like colored ink on colored paper. In other words, they set a trend and if we did not adapt to that trend we were going to get put out of business. Then printing presses came out allowing for new printed products at cheaper prices. Of course, we had to once again adapt to the industry. Seems like every day the printing business was evolving and this is what helped…

  • Constant Training of Industry
  • Must be Self-Motivated
  • Needs to Come Naturally
  • Knowledge is Power

Look at this way. We are gonna use Tom Brady as an example. Do you think when he throws a pass he is worried about his mechanics? No, because he has normally 2 seconds to get rid of the ball. Basically it comes down to practice and repetition. Because he has practiced so much it comes naturally for him to throw a pass.

This is the same for you. You will get constant free training and free support that will help you also to do things naturally. At anytime you too can fine tune your mind.

Starting with ZERO!

Are you seeing a common trend or topic here. I feel that in order to succeed in an online business you need a website, training and endless help.

Below is what you are going to when you Join Today for $0

– Training out of the Kazoo (Both Video & Tutorial Training)
– Community of Individuals Pushing You to Succeed
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– 24/7/365 Live Interactive Help
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– Spam Free Community
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This is the best program for both beginners and seasoned online businesses. You DO NOT even need a credit card to try out the Free Program.

This is a No Brainer! You have absolutely nothing to lose, but everything to gain. With our robust training and support you will get immediate help. There is absolutely no chance to fail!

If you want additional information you can read my Review of Wealthy Affiliates.

Please, do not hesitate to leave me any questions below. Looking forward to helping you out with your online success!

Good Luck,









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