Email Processing System – Real or Legit?

Email Processing System Review

Product Name: Email Processing System or “EPS”
Price Points: $25 + $10 One-time Hosting & Website Charge
Rankings: 40 of 100
Scam or Legit: Scam

Email Processing System is a scam!

I joined several years ago because it sounded easy and of course it was cheap to get in, only $25. Well, I was excited to get in because who wouldn’t want to send an email and get $25…duh! They tell you the concept of email processing is simple and easy and can put money in your pocket immediately. But like anything it’s not always that easy. This is affiliate marketing at its worst. You are simply promoting an affiliate website with a mediocre product, an e-book entitled Email Processing for Cash: Pre-Written Ad Copy.

In theory, this e-book is suppose to be the Holy Grail of advertising for not only this system but for all other businesses as well. You just simply post ads all over the internet & kaboom your rich! They really like to push Craigslist because they say it’s free advertising. Well, I don’t think so because Craigslist is not completely free anymore. Sometimes I wonder if this email processing system was the reason they started charging.

Three Steps to EPS

1.) Download E-book – Email Processing for Cash: Pre-Written Ad Copy.
(This is your E-book with complete resell rights)

2.) Build your own website or purchase from them for $10.

3.) Post Ads and your rich.

The Issue

The big issue with EPS is payment. You are not paid by EPS you are paid by PayPal. You would think why is that a damn issue I’m getting my money. In essence you are but the problem is that when there is an issue and the people complain they ask for their money back. EPS makes it ABSOLUTELY clear that they have a NO MONEY BACK POLICY! It’s one thing for them not to offer a guarantee but Paypal of course does. If there is an issue with payment Paypal puts a hold on your money until it’s sorted out between you and the buyer. I myself got 5 people to enroll in this system and freaking 3 of those people ended up getting their money back due to the credibility of EPS. Matter a fact, Paypal ended up closing down my account because they thought I was being fraudulent. AIN’T THAT SOME SHIT!

Be very careful if you are considering EPS. This is affiliate marketing with a mediocre product. If you are considering affiliate marketing take a peek at Wealthy Affiliates. It has an ironclad product!



2 thoughts on “Email Processing System – Real or Legit?

  1. I should of listened. I did join EPS and I made a sale and was excited. Then week later made another sale. However, after those 2 sales I had those 2 people dispute the charges with Paypal saying that it was a scam. Needless to say they won the dispute and I lost money. So I spent my time and money advertising losing money on the only 2 sales I had!!!!!!!!

    • Dang Stephen. Sucks to hear that. Especially when you get a sale you get so excited to know that it worked. All I can say is make sure to do your due diligence before spending any money online.

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