Are High Yield Investments Programs(HYIP) Legit?

High Yield Investment Programs(HYIP) – Tread Carefully!

What does HYIP stand for?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Programs and they promise high yields to investors…kinda self explanatory. HYIP’s are simply scams similar to a Ponzi scheme. Who doesn’t like money fast, I do. But with a HYIP it is not that simple, they take that money new investors deposit and pay off the older investors. Well that can happen only so long which is just like a Ponzi scheme. They eventually shut down and then start up another website guaranteeing high yields for investors. Normally there is a little change in structure like the  guarantee so investors don’t catch on.

Because so many are being scammed, the SEC has a few warnings to investors. If it has extremely high guarantees, outlandish promises, “special” opportunities and vague descriptions of their company then you should seek more realistic opportunities and more credible investments.

Do they actually work?

Believe it or not they do…well kinda. What I mean is when you invest your money they do show you a return. If you invested $100 and in 12 hrs you receive $150 you say to yourself…WOW! However, because it was so simple and it shows in your account you then reinvest it. Hardly anyone takes the money out because it shows proof in your account. Well just because it shows proof doesn’t mean it’s legit. If you are looking at my website you have either been burned before or doing your due diligence on programs because you want to make money at home. While looking for opportunities you have seen many fraudulent claims, such as copies of payouts to their so called bank accounts or paypal accounts. By my experiences, I probably contest that 90% of all the programs I have been in were fraudulent.

The other feature these HYIP sites use to lure in investors is a real time revolving payout . This basically shows on their front page a revolving payout to investors and it has their name and the amount of their payout. I highly doubt this is true because I have gone back and seen the same payouts to the same people. It does show the high payouts, but it also shows the small ones. I can’t 100% say this is a true feature, but I’ve never seen my name.

A Great Big Flag!!!

The biggest change in this market is the way these programs are funded. I was burned many of times before the digital currencies came out such as Bitcoin. These financial predators used paypal as a means for investors to fund their programs. Well that only lasted so long because the government could come in and shut down their paypal account as well as find out who the scammers were. Then the scammers got smart, they went to the digital currencies. This was great for them and BAD for the investors!

All of these are now funded through digital currencies, which is why it raises a big flag. If you did it through paypal you could claim fraud and there was a good chance you could possibly receive your fraudulent funds, but with digital currencies you are basically shit out of luck! That’s why you have to be extremely careful when playing in the HYIP game.

A Little Help – Thank You Monitors!


The ONLY way to attempt HYIP’s is by the use of MONITORS!!!! The HYIP Monitors are a tool for you to help obtain info on a HYIP. All HYIP’s advertise on these monitors because they need the traffic. All HYIP’s have referral programs for anyone to use. They provide the banners and the HYIP’s pay between 1% to 5% to the referrers on all deposits. So they say. Never tried it. I can’t believe fraudulent scammers to pay anything if they can’t pay the investors…common sense. Regardless, why I like monitors is that they invest their money just like an investor. When they invest, they show a listing on the HYIP with the most important facts such as the amount they invested, profit from investment, date it originated and more. But the MOST IMPORTANT info it provides you with is if it is PAYING or if it is a SCAM!

The ONLY monitor I would use is It’s been around a long time and I find it the most reliable. This is a game I can no longer afford to play, but if you try maybe invest a little, take out your investment and just keep reinvesting your profits only. This will safeguard you from those HYIP’s that go defunct.


You can make money in HYIP’s, but there is an extremely high risk of losing your investment and your mind. It is unfortunate that there are so many scammers out there taking advantage of the newbies just trying to make a buck to support their families. If your are looking for a sound opportunity, one that is legal and very rewarding you need to check out Wealthy Affiliates. You don’t just get a phone number from a guy, you get 24 hr support with real people helping each other out!

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