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I am Vincent, your guardian when it comes to surfing the internet for online job opportunities. You are reading this now because you are looking for a opportunity to make a little extra spending money or maybe looking to break away from the headache of the dreadful dead end job.



Well that was me about 8 years ago. I was lucky growing up. My family had a successful printing business which was handed down to me. Being the boss meant you were responsible to hit those deadlines. Well when you have employees that work an 8 hour day and then leave with the job unfinished, who finished it…ME! Unfortunately, this was the norm and it took its toll on me physically and mentally. Plus, dealing with employees was exhausting. It’s like I was living “The Days of Our Lives”. It was nothing but drama.


So, I was looking for a way out and begin searching the internet for ways to make money online. I think I put in every keyword possible trying to find an answer. There were SO MANY opportunities. I saw people making crazy claims on how I could make millions in a short period of time with little work which made me hopeful. I thought to myself I can finally quit my job and stop dealing with drama at the workplace.



I joined so many programs and made diddly squat! It was just hype! All those pictures of Luxury Cars, Mansions, Boats, Jets and other exotic toys were just that…pictures. False promised lies of how they were gonna take me to the promised land. My dreams were shattered little by little every time I joined a program. These opportunities were SCAMS and the ones that had a little promise would of been great if I were the first one in. But since I wasn’t I was basically just a number in their downline. You gotta love Pyramids!!!



Exactly, I had enough. I should’ve known better. I was gullible because I was relatively new to the way I had perceived things on the internet. I thought it was gonna be easy. After a year or so of failures I started doing more due diligence on programs before I joined. I found that most of these programs are in essence the same with a small spin on them. Normally something as simple as a different price point or a different product but branded or worded differently. Because I had been burned so many times I used it as fuel to help people avoid scams online and give them a fighting chance at finding the best opportunity for them.



This website has been created to help you out. Cool thing is that by collecting info on scams makes you much more educated on what programs you recommend. So please do your due diligence and be prepared to fail, I know I did. Some failure is good to help you learn. Just make sure you keep learning and you will eventually find out what is best for you.




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